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Oceanik Education Society was established in 1992 by Dr. N.M Poovaiah. The Instistution has a strong history of 26 years in the field of education. It has won many accolades & has a prominent stand in the education fraternity.
Oceanik Education Society assosciated itself with the Bangalore University, Karnataka State Open University - Mysore, Kuvempu University - Shimoga & Tamilnadu Open University - Chennai, for providing quality services in the field of education. The institution has carved a niche for itself in the field of academics by imparting good education & making it accessible to everyone. We not only make sure a students life is taken care while still studying with us but also play an active role in shaping up their future.


“To create an atmosphere which facilitates
EVERY STUDENT to take on the world with
grit & yet be in touch with their value system.”

Dr. N.M. Poovaiah
Dr. N.M. Poovaiah

A man of great calibre, an educationist & a linguist, he spearheads this institution with great charisma. For over two decades has worked closely with Distant Education with a number of Universities with the only motive to make education available & most importantly reachable to all. An academician who strongly believes that education is the key to empower children to lead our country.

He has dedicated his time & experience in setting up this institution to show his yearning for educating young minds. When it comes to education sky is the limit, he still makes time to qualify himself & is pursuing his degree in law. He manages to even be an astute observer of politics & current affairs. His knowledge knows no bounds & this is exactly what he aspires to see in his students.

Dr. N.M. Poovaiah
Ms. Shobha K.M
MA, MBA, B.Ed, (Ph.D)

Education is prime & plays a pivotal role in each one’s life & Ms. Shobha swears by this. She has taken it upon herself to put this Institution on the international map. Being a woman of grit she adorns many hats–a great person, progressive, a dedicated homemaker, a loving mother, a well respected principal, an adviser to her faculties, she plays each role to perfection. Her mission is to provide the best education along with state of the art facilities for all students in her institution. Her never give up attitude, her great entrepreneurial skills surely makes her a role model for her students & faculties. Along with all this she dabbles with philanthropic works & assosciated closely with NGOs like Unnathi & Parikrama.